Just a quick note to let you know that Team Rwanda Cycling will be at the Run For Rwanda this year. The Rwandan cycling team is known from the documentary “Rising from Ashes” and we are excited to be able to meet Jock Boyer and a couple of the current team members on race day!

This year we are adding some extra shwag to say “Thank You!” to those that donate and fundraise.  As usual, if you raise at least $100 then you qualify for a free registration.  All those that raise at least $200 will receive a tshirt hoodie.  Those that donate or raise $500 or more will receive a Run For Rwanda embroidered auto-wick half-zip pullover shirt.  Those that donate or raise $1000 or more will receive a Run For Rwanda embroidered bonded fleece jacket.  Those that donate or raise $2500  or more will receive a Run For Rwanda embroidered soft-shell jacket.  The $1000 and $2500 levels are considered upgrades of the prior level (ex.  you donate $1000 so you receive a bonded fleece jacket instead of the half-zip pullover).  You can choose multiples of the prior level though (ex.  you donate $1000 so you may choose 2 half-zip pullover shirts OR the bonded fleece jacket).  For the embroidered clothing, you will be able to pick from a selection of available sizes, colors and styles (ie. ladies vs. mens) and it will be made to your order. Go ahead and start your online fundraising page now!

Embroidered race shwag

The half-zip pullover, bonded fleece jacket, and soft shell jacket.

Each year, we join with the community in Kibali, Rwanda to celebrate all that they have overcome and support them in continuing to rebuild their country.



Thanks to all who joined us this year!  It will take a few weeks to tabulate the final funds raised, but it was an unequivocal success!  The weather was great and the winning times were fast!  We had a rockin’ African drum circle and the kids had lots of fun at the obstacle course and 1K fun run.  We just sent $10,000 raised last year to start on the laboratory which will allow for more advanced medical tests to be run at the clinic.  Funds raised this year will continue the laboratory wing as well as provide school scholarships to Rwandan youth.  Thanks for your participation however your participated!

Last year we raised enough funds to finish the new HIV education and treatment wing.  It was great to see the immediate progress and be able to finish it.

Technology wing being built in Jan 2017

Technology wing being built in Jan 2017

HIV wing of health clinic

Finished HIV wing

HIV wing of health clinicThe funds raised in 2017 will be used to start on and hopefully complete the nutritional wing.  Nutrition education and supplementation is a huge initiative across all of Rwanda in order to fight malnutrition especially stunting.  It consists of not only nutritional education, but also practical education of how to grow diversified crops in keyhole gardens, as an example.  It is taught in the schools and is one of the main concepts the university students (that Run For Rwanda funds support through scholarship) come home to share with their families as it makes an immediate tangible difference in the health of the people they love.  We are excited to be part of this last phase of the health clinic!  We are hopeful that when this phase is complete the clinic will be certified by the government as a hospital which will qualify it for government benefits including staff and supplies.

Finished Hospitalization Wing Picture

Finished Hospitalization Wing


Runners and walkers simultaneously lined up to run in Cottonwood Park in Colorado Springs on the streets of Kibali, Rwanda, with all event proceeds going to establish a health clinic and to fund other much-needed development programs in a rural community outside Byumba.

The Colorado Springs race included many co-ed teams, a respectable number of barefoot runners, and 7 teams in the RFR’s water-carry challenge (a team consists of a pair of runners that carry a full, five-gallon water jug the entire race distance, in a category designed to simulate the trek many Kibali children make every day to supply their family’s water needs).